Yes, though you should consult with your doctor. Take the Powder, Capsules, or Tincture 2 hours apart from your other medication or supplements. In the case of Calcium supplements, take the Purslane product 4 hours before or after.

**Do not take Purslane in on Warfarin.

Elsie Belcheff initiated the studies on Purslane and founded the company, Natural Plantation. She has written a book called “The Wonders of Purslane” explaining the development and the information she has since discovered about the plant.

Yes! Notice lettuce will stay crisper longer and other produce like strawberries will stay fresh for 1 week in the refrigerator.

Yes. Soak shrimp with the shell on for 30 minutes or with the shell off for 15 minutes.

Some people find that it if they take 1-2 Purslane Capsules before they go to bed it helps them sleep much better. Other people may experience a surge of energy when taking the Purslane Powder or Liquid Tincture and thus find it difficult to sleep. Everyone’s body is different so there is no definite answer. Try it and see how it works for you!

You would have to eat a lot of the fresh purslane to obtain the same benefits! One 500 mg Purslane Capsule is the equivalent to one gallon of fresh purslane!