Purslane Powder



Natural Plantation’s uses the finest quality of Pure Purslane Powder which is lab tested, self-stabilizing and standardized.

Suggested Use: Take one-eighth teaspoon (250 mg) Pure Purslane Powder and mix with one ounce (30 ml) of water or juice just before your morning meal or noon meal for thirty days. Increase to one-quarter teaspoon of Pure Purslane Powder for sixty to ninety days or as needed, then drop down to one-eighth teaspoon a day for maintenance.

Take Pure Purslane Powder just before bed to help support better health

Note: Do not take any form of purslane while on Warfarin

It is recommended that you check with your Health Care Provider before introducing new herbs / supplements to your diet


(Ingredients Below)

Net Wt 50g (1.8 oz)




Ingredients: Pure Purslane Powder




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