Purslane (Portulaca)

Anti-oxidants are reactions that help to neutralize the damage of oxidization in the body. Oxidization in our bodies is similar to what happens to metal when it rusts or to an apple when it turns brown. This oxidization is caused by many things but the major causes are air and water pollution, industrial chemicals, cigarette smoke, drugs, poor diets and rancid oils.  Anti-oxidants also help the body fight disease and the effects of aging yet few people are getting enough of them.

Purslane was found to be very high in glutathione, an anti-oxidant and detoxifying agent that has been demonstrated in many chemical studies. Glutathione is now known to be widely distributed in plant cells and is quickly synthesized in the liver, kidneys and other tissues including the gastrointestinal tract. Studies have shown that glutathione obtained from the diet is directly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and thus dietary glutathione can readily increase the antioxidant status in all of us.