Purslane Cloves


Use 600 mg a day after the largest meal, for 3 – 12 weeks, depending on the weakness of the kidneys.
Backaches, sore hips, sore shoulders, or leg pains?
If people experience these symptoms while on purslane products, then definitely their kidneys are being over-worked.
I would suggest stopping purslane intake for 7 days (people with a history of kidney disease should take 1 clove capsule a day for 10 days before starting purslane products) and just take 1 clove capsule a day after their meal.
Then resume the purslane again, but also continue taking cloves for 3 weeks, or however long is necessary, but no longer than 12 weeks. Should they experience any of the kidney symptoms again in the future, they could take 1 clove capsule a day again for 3 weeks.
Clove capsules are mandatory with taking purslane products except for children under 10 years of age.


Recommended Usage:
Take one-eighth teaspoon (250 mg) Pure Purslane Powder and mix with one ounce (30 ml) of water or juice just before your morning meal or noon meal for thirty days. Increase to one-quarter teaspoon of Pure Purslane Powder for sixty to ninety days or as needed, then drop down to one-eighth teaspoon a day for maintenance.
Take Pure Purslane Powder two hours before or after medication. If you have a sleeping disorder take Pure Purslane Powder just before bedtime.
For bloating or indigestion, take one-eighth teaspoon after meal or whenever it occurs.


It is recommended that you work closely with your physician when initiating any significant change in diet, including food supplements.
Before starting to take Purslane, add a half-ounce of freshly-squeezed lemon juice to a liter of filtered water and drink this daily for at least three days. Optionally, you could take two 400 mg capsules of parsley twice daily with meals for at least three days. Continue taking the parsley capsules or the lemon/water mixture for at least three to six weeks. On the fourth day, take one 500 mg capsule of Purslane with breakfast or if you have a sleep disorder, take with a snack before bedtime. Continue for four weeks then increase to two Purslane capsules a day for six months or as needed.